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While working together on a deal, it is important that we always find a way to be on the same page. Take a look at some of our Articles and Case Studies to learn more about industry insights, key takeaways from M&A deals, and what our previous clients have learned from going through this process together. Whether it’s Pre M&A, Sell Side, Buy Side, or Outsourced M&A, our team is eager and prepared to help you.


Sellers – Don’t Miss Your Window of Opportunity

COVID-19 has posed a significant challenge to the global economy. In the United States, a report conducted by RSM found that middle market firms have reported a hiring decrease of 46 percent and a gross revenue decrease of 61 percent. Despite the headlines, however,...

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Top 5 PPP Pitfalls in M&A

In March 2020, Congress passed the CARES act to provide much needed economic relief to individuals and businesses injured by the economic shutdown.  For over 5.2 million US small businesses, this relief came in the form of the SBA’s $525 billion Paycheck Protection...

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Life Science Outsource Advisor – July 2020

SEA is pleased to provide our Life Science Outsource Advisor – dedicated to keeping our readers up to date on key developments in the world of mergers and acquisitions for outsource providers to the Life Sciences industry. Executive Summary The rise and fall (and...

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What’s Next for Your Business?

Many business owners are contemplating how the next few years will impact stability of revenues, profitability and their long-term financial security. If you feel you are at a crossroads in considering what the future holds for your business, your employees and your...

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Deals can Still be Done in a Pandemic

The first quarter of 2020 got off to a great start for many companies. But in March, businesses around the globe were delivered a blow to the gut. This is not the first time in history we’ve experienced an economic downturn, and it certainly won’t be the last! No one...

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Beware of Knights on White Horses

The last several years have been very good to business sellers. Private Equity Groups raised record amounts of capital, Strategic Buyers amassed cash on their balance sheets, credit markets loosened, and interest rates held at historic lows. Buyers had a tremendous...

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Five Things You NEED TO KNOW Before Buying a Company

Buying a business can be intimidating. After all, you need to make many decisions, without having all the necessary information up front. We have broken down the top five things you need to know to ensure you make the most profitable and wise choices. 1. Why Building...

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Integration Planning for an Acquisition

Integration Planning Integration in an M&A deal refers to the adoption of one culture, one set of processes, and one long-term goal for two previously individual firms. Key aspects of integration are culture, management, talent acquisition, and goal setting....

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How Much Working Capital Should Be Included?

Tackling the Working Capital Calculation for M&A Transactions Working capital, defined as current assets minus current liabilities, helps to reveal a company’s financial health. If working capital is high, there is lots of gas in the tank, and the business can run...

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Why Communication is King During the M&A Process

The merger or acquisition process can be tumultuous. Entrepreneurs must balance the financial aspects of a merger and acquisitions (M&A) with the legal and operational tasks of selling a company, all while continuing to run their businesses. This juggling act...

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Are You Emotionally Prepared to Sell Your Business?

Entrepreneurs devote countless hours to building their companies from the ground up and perfecting their product offering. After years of commitment and riding the emotional highs and lows of business ownership, they may be ready for a lifestyle change. Often they...

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