Strategic Exit Advisors Continues to Pay it Forward at St. Michael's School

Strategic Exit Advisors established its “Pay it Forward” program in 2020 as the pandemic was wreaking havoc on non-profit organizations. Because essential contributions were in decline, Strategic Exit Advisors decided to launch the “Pay it Forward” program supporting causes important to the firm and its clients. Since its inception, Strategic Exit Advisors has donated tens of thousands of dollars to organizations focused on youth financial literacy, entrepreneurship, education, and other local and international organizations aligned with the firm’s core values. Most recently, Strategic Exit Advisors donated $500 to St. Michael’s School and Nursery in Wilmington, Delaware. 

Founded in 1890, St. Michael’s School and Nursery is Delaware’s oldest early childhood program and one of the oldest in the nation. The mission of St. Michael’s is committed to the growth and support of children’s development in mind, body, character, and spirit. The school provides an exemplary program of affordable early education and childcare in a nurturing atmosphere.

Tony Parisi, Managing Director of Strategic Exit Advisors, says, “Fortunately, Bill Dugdale, my good friend, an Advisor with AB Bernstein and a St. Michael’s Advisory Board Member, introduced me to the school’s Executive Director, Lucinda Ross. Lucinda shared St. Michael’s history and mission with me. Her words, and the work they are doing, certainly impressed and moved me. So, on behalf of the Strategic Exit Advisors’ team, we are thrilled to Pay it Forward to St. Michael’s.”

Ross adds, “Studies show that education is the second most important social determinant of health after economic stability. Since economic stability isn’t easily fixed for children, the next best determinant of long-term health and future success is early childhood education. Our goal is to give our treasured students a great start in life.”


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