Strategic Exit Advisors Proudly Supports the EBOD Foundation

Strategic Exit Advisors established its “Pay it Forward” program in 2020 as the pandemic was wreaking havoc on non-profit organizations. Because essential contributions were in decline, Strategic Exit Advisors decided to launch the “Pay it Forward” program supporting causes important to the firm and its clients. Since its inception, Strategic Exit Advisors has donated tens of thousands of dollars to organizations focused on youth financial literacy, entrepreneurship, education, and other local and international organizations aligned with the firm’s core values. Most recently, Strategic Exit Advisors donated $500 to EBOD Foundation in Chesterbrook, PA.

Founded in 2001, EBOD is focused on supporting research for a cure for Dementia/Alzheimer’s as well as helping Philadelphia-area veterans and young people have the opportunity to fulfill their potential, regardless of their circumstances.

Rob Waring, Managing Director of Strategic Exit Advisors, says, “It is an honor to support EBOD Foundation in their mission to find a cure for dementia and Alzheimer’s.  There are so many that have been impacted by challenges associated with these disorders and know the resulting pain for both the patients and their loved ones.  On behalf of the Strategic Exit Advisors’ team, we are thrilled to Pay it Forward to Joe Clark and EBOD Foundation.”

Joe Clark commented, “Every dollar counts when you are trying to help those battling dementia and Alzheimer’s. One of our most exciting partnerships is with The McKeown House for Respite Care, which will allow caregivers to drop off their loved ones at a warm homelike environment to take a break from the brutal stress of caregiving. We are very grateful to our friends, Rob, Tony, and the team at Strategic Exit Advisors for their support.”


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