Readiness Roadmap

How SEA helps EOS company Owners prepare for an exit.

For Companies currently running on EOS, SEA’s Readiness Roadmap sale preparation process is specifically designed to inform the work being done with their implementer by identifying and prioritizing goals, rocks and issues, specific to sale preparation, so that they can be incorporated in to the Company’s strategic planning process.


EOS companies are expert at clearly describing their culture, people, markets, processes, lessons learned, accomplishments and future opportunities — all important subjects in communicating with potential buyers.



EOS helps middle market companies define a clear and inspiring vision that resonates with internal stakeholders as well as potential buyers who are drawn to companies with well-defined, compelling visions.


EOS creates an accountable and harmonious team environment to ensure that the right people are in the right seats, making it an attractive prospect for buyers looking for capable and aligned management.


Companies that leverage data to improve their operations can demonstrate a track record of successful performance and plan a clear course for future growth, substantiating higher values to potential buyers.


EOS encourages proactive problem-solving by addressing issues head-on. Companies that identify and resolve challenges effectively present themselves as more resilient and valuable entities in the eyes of buyers.


EOS sets and achieves goals in a systematic manner. Consistent progress toward objectives highlights a company’s stability and growth potential, increasing value in buyers’ eyes.


EOS helps middle market companies streamline their processes. Well-defined and optimized processes indicate a company’s potential for cost savings and increased profitability, both of which attract potential buyers.


Owners who use EOS are putting in the real work… now. When the time is right… SEA helps entrepreneurs leverage EOS to get the best offers from the right partners.


an owner’s exit alternatives and the pros and cons of each.


the owner on the current state of the Mergers & Acquisitions market in their specific industry.


the readiness of the business and the owner and focus planning to optimize value and lower deal risk.


the market value of the business and provide insights on potential deal structures and prospective buyers.

If you are prepared to optimize your success with EOS, partnering with SEA is a critical next step. Whether you’re amplifying the value of your business or navigating a transition, we’re here to support your journey while unlocking value.

A business is so much more than numbers on a spreadsheet and EOS provides owners with the platform to emphasize this to potential buyers.

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