SEA Exit Roadmap – Start Planning Now for Your Ultimate Exit!

Are you considering selling your business in the near future?

Are you worried about getting the most value for your company?

If so, what can you do now to maximize the value when you sell your business?

When you sell your business, are you worried about what will happen to your employees?

Are you overwhelmed at the prospect of getting things organized to sell your company?

These are some of the common concerns facing our clients.  Because of these concerns, we have developed ways to help you increase the value of your business and to plan ahead for an optimal exit. Before diving into how we help, it is important to understand what you, the business owner, can control and cannot control. For example, there are external value drivers outside of the business owner’s control such as competitor activities, market conditions, and the industry life cycle.

However, we recommend looking at things the business owner can control. By doing so, you will be ready to sell on your timeline and when market conditions are optimal.

The top 5 areas of improvement that the business owner can control that impacts the value of the company at the time of sale are as follows:

  1. Scalability
  2. Sales and Marketing
  3. Customer Diversity
  4. Corporate Culture
  5. Management Team


Scalability – What is the opportunity for growth, without incurring significant investment?

Are you maximizing revenue opportunities with your product/service offerings vs the competition?

Do you have the infrastructure to scale quickly – operations procedures, equipment/software, personnel?

What is your value proposition, competitive edge, and have you maximized your capacity for growth?

Sales and Marketing – Do you have the right mix of marketing and sales tools for optimal revenue generation – CRM, lead generation campaigns, digital marketing platform, advertising, productive sales team?  What areas can you improve upon to demonstrate increased value for your business?

Customer Diversity – Evaluate the diversification of revenue sources to minimize future risk.  Do you have a good balance of key accounts/customers/reoccurring revenues, with upside opportunities to generate additional sales/contracts from a variety of other customers?  If not, what steps can you take to mitigate the risk of significant lost revenues?

Corporate Culture – Do you have consistent employee retention and minimal staff turnover?  Do you offer ongoing training, skills gap improvement, standard onboarding, and orientation for new employees? Do you have a demonstrated culture that is dedicated to the success of your company?  What can you do to improve or maintain your employee satisfaction and productivity?

Management Team – Do you have personnel in place to run operations, provide customer solutions/satisfaction, creatively adapt to business changes that lead to continued or growth of revenues?  Is your company able to run without you?  If not, what can you do to prepare to remove yourself from the integral day to day operations, customer retention, and problem-solving that would make potential buyers confident in the long-term sustainability of your company?

As previously mentioned, we have developed ways to help you increase the value of your business and to plan ahead for an optimal exit. We do this through the SEA Exit Roadmap. The SEA Exit Roadmap is designed to measure the value of your business today, project the potential value of your company and give you an action plan to achieve your optimal exit, on your timeline and your terms.

The SEA Exit Roadmap is ideally suited to business owners who are looking to sell in 1 – 2 years. The SEA team will assess your current company value. Then, working closely with you and your trusted advisors, we will make improvements in the abovementioned 5 key areas that are in your control. This will help position your business for sale when the market conditions, your timeline, and your business valuation are aligned for a transaction.

The first step is easy – contact us to schedule a no-obligation introductory call to learn how the SEA Exit Roadmap can help you.

The M&A market is highly active. The sooner you start planning for your Ultimate Exit, the better positioned you will be to sell your business on your terms and for the right price. Don’t wait any longer, call us today to create your Exit Roadmap!

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