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Quality companies don’t go unnoticed for long. If you’ve found SEA, there’s a good chance you’ve built a great company. It also means that, more than likely, competitors, strategic partners, or financial buyers have already come knocking, asking if you’re ready to sell.

Unexpected ‘flattering’ offers to buy your business can be a real distraction. Most are from buyers hoping to find an owner who doesn’t know the value of his or her business, understand how to structure a deal properly, or know who to call for M&A advice. Please, don’t let that be you.

With our Outsourced M&A service we become your team’s M&A professionals who can talk to their M&A team. We will tell you what to expect, what is “normal,” and what is not. We’ll negotiate on your behalf for the deal structure you want and deserve. We’ll take in all the due diligence requests and help to answer them. And we’ll get the deal across the finish line.

Most importantly, we will free you up to continue to run your company, so your attention is focused on the clients and employees who got you here. As entrepreneurs who have sold their companies know, the hard work starts after you receive the LOI. You spent your life (or a good part of it) building your company, relying on good instincts, and good people. You only get one shot to sell your company. Why would you want to go at it alone? Especially not against a team of professionals that work for the Buyer. What will happen to your company if you take your eye off it?

Strategic Exit Advisors is an Investment Bank focused on Mergers and Acquisitions in the Life Sciences and B to B Services sectors. We are located halfway between NYC and Philadelphia.

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