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Outsourced M&A

SEA’s Three-Option Outsourced M&A

Exit Plan Roadmap

Business owners often ask, “How long in advance should I begin to prepare my company for sale?” The answer is your company should always be prepared for sale. Owners whose companies are prepared tend to be more enjoyable to manage and are typically more valuable. That is why we developed the SEA Exit Roadmap Process. To help aspiring business owners make their companies more profitable, easier to manage, and increase the company’s value.

Like any roadmap, the Exit Roadmap Process begins with a starting point and an end destination. The Exit Roadmap Process begins by assessing where the business is today, incorporates what the Owner wants to achieve, and finds the most effective route to get there. SEA’s proprietary process identifies and quantifies a business’s value gaps – weaknesses that are robbing a business of its value. Our Team will then design an actionable plan to help owners prioritize areas of weakness to recapture lost value. Working alongside the owner and your advisors, our Team will drive a process of accountability and help you navigate the business challenges to ensure that you achieve your objectives and arrive at the destination on your timeframe.

SEA is pleased to offer Owners a complimentary Value Gap Assessment.   This analysis allows you to quantify your Value Gap and identify the top areas that are reducing the value of your company. It takes 15 minutes to complete and there is no cost or commitment to take this first step.

Selling to Family or Management (Succession)

Is a successful transition important, knowing you received a fair price, while positioning the business to thrive with new ownership?

We understand that business transitions go beyond the numbers. They are complex, and an emotional process to transition to family or management. Engaging stakeholders is important to a transparent process. As the owner, your input is an essential part of the transition process. Are family members or management ready to take the reins today? We will work together to get the answers you need to rest assured that control is transitioned when all the stakeholders are prepared.

No doubt you’ve tried to go down this route before! Have those efforts left you hanging or unsure of what’s next and how to ‘get there?’ We learn what has and has not worked in the past. Our collaborative process incorporates input from you, your advisors, and stakeholders to assess your business, your key players, and your needs. By understanding the issues before constructing plan options; we’ll design multiple options and discuss the pros and cons of each until you and the stakeholders are satisfied.

When it’s done, you won’t lose any sleep over stakeholders’ concerns because you’re steps ahead, anticipating and neutralizing potential stakeholder issues before they arise.

Responding to Unexpected Offers

Do you want to understand if the offer you received is a fair offer that’s properly structured to meet your needs, and how to negotiate the offer terms if it’s not?

Quality companies don’t go unnoticed for long. If you’ve found SEA, there’s a good chance you’ve built a great company. It also means that more than likely, competitors, strategic partners, or financial buyers have already come knocking, asking if you’re ready to sell.

Unexpected ‘flattering’ offers to buy your business can be a real distraction. Most are from buyers hoping to find an owner who doesn’t know the value of his or her business, understand how to structure a deal properly, or know who to call for M&A advice. Please, don’t let that be you. You only get one shot to sell your company. Do you feel confident negotiating against a team of professionals that work for the Buyer?

With our M&A Response Team, we become your M&A professionals who can talk to the buyers’ M&A team. We will tell you what to expect, what is “normal,” and what is not. We’ll actively check the market while we negotiate for the deal structure you want and deserve.  And we’ll make sure we get the deal across the finish line.

Strategic Exit Advisors