Readiness Roadmap

Readiness Roadmap Overview

Through its Readiness Roadmap process, SEA provides sale preparation services for entrepreneurial owners interested in taking their company to market in 1 – 2 years. The process uncovers specific, actionable opportunities to optimize the value of the business and identifies pitfalls that have the potential of putting the owner’s deal at risk.

For Companies currently running on EOS, SEA’s Readiness Roadmap Process is designed to inform the work being done with their implementer by identifying and prioritizing goals, rocks and issues, specific to sale preparation, so that they can be incorporated in to the Company’s strategic Planning Process.

“Luck favors the prepared.”

A big part of selling your company is telling its story. Where it came from, where it is today, where it can go in the future and what makes it unique and special. We collaborate with you to craft this story and review the underlying data to ensure that it’s complete and that it supports the story. We provide you with an estimate of value for the business and a potential value to work towards. We make actionable recommendations and develop a plan with timeframes and clear accountabilities for the work that needs to be done to close this value gap. We advise you along the way and establish a regular meeting cadence to ensure clear communication, deal with any roadblocks and adjust the plan as needed due to changing circumstances.

At SEA, we understand that your business is so much more than numbers on a spreadsheet. We know what you have been through to build your business and we want to ensure that your story is heard and that you get paid what you deserve for all your hard work.

All business owners want to know that they’ve gotten the best deal possible for their business and buyers will pay top dollar for high-quality, well-prepared businesses. The Readiness Roadmap Process ensures that you enter a sale process fully prepared for the most important transaction of your life. Our goal is straightforward and direct – maximize value, protect your legacy and transition your business.

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