Transition Your Business.
Maximize Value. Protect Your Legacy.

Transition Your Business.
Maximize Value.
Protect Your Legacy.

We help entrepreneurs with the most important business decision of their lives.

As your investment bank, your personal and financial goals are our priority. We support your needs during every aspect of our process to honor your work and relieve any concerns around:

  • Earning the best value for your business.

  • Achieving your ultimate exit.

  • Taking care of your people during the transition of ownership.

  • Making certain the business’ culture endures.

  • Streamlining the exit process.

We understand building a successful business is a complex and emotional endeavor. We appreciate what you’ve been through to build your company. Our job is to make sure you get paid for it.
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What’s the SEA Difference?

At SEA, we listen to you, understand your transition goals, and tailor our process to execute a clearly defined outcome.
Whether building value through our Readiness Roadmap, or guiding entrepreneurs through Sell Side and Buy side M&A, our team is focused, attentive, and prepared to drive value at every aspect of the process, so your goals are realized.

Our Collaborative Process is Built on Transparency & Trust

We understand the emotional aspects involved in selling a business and the importance of culture. Your priorities define our work together and our collaborative process is built on transparency and trust. We’ll reach milestones together, overcome obstacles and deliver exceptional results.

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Your Priorities Define Our Collaborative Process

At SEA, we listen to your story to understand your career and financial goals. Our success together is defined and led by your priorities.

Whether Building Value through our Readiness Roadmap, or guiding entrepreneurs through Sell Side and Buy side M&A, our team is patient, eager, and prepared to help at every aspect of the M&A process, so we cross the finish line together.

What does being ready to sell look like? SEA’s Readiness Roadmap prepares business owners for success by first providing an analysis to quantify any Value Gaps and identify top areas that are negatively impacting the value of your company.

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Are you ready to sell your business?

Understand if your Business is Ready to Sell

Build a Plan to Go to Market

Achieve Financial Independence on Your Terms

SEA’s Readiness Roadmap is an analysis available to entrepreneurs that provides a Value Gap Assessment and strategic plan of priority improvements that will positively impact the value of your company.

Your Expertise Drives Value

We’ve helped entrepreneurs make their companies more profitable, easier to manage, and drive business value. In short, we leverage or capitalize on your expertise in our work together to build value.

Whether you are at the beginning of your journey as an entrepreneur or looking to transfer ownership of your business or expand your capabilities:

We hold ourselves accountable for your success with our core efforts to:

  • Prepare & Design a Collaborative Strategy
  • Communicate Key Milestones
  • Collaborate Effectively & Remain Agile
  • Focus on High-Performance Results
  • Stay Positive Throughout our Collaboration
  • Finish Strong & Cross the Finish Line Together

It’s never too early to start planning the transition of your business. 

Meet directly with one of our deal team members and find out if your business is Ready to Sell.

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Recent Transactions

Diamond Fund Partners has acquired
NDC Corporation and NDC International
SEA – Advisor to seller

Corridor Capital has acquired
Association Headquarters (AH)
SEA – Advisor to seller

Gore Creek Holdings has acquired EndoscopyMD
SEA – Advisor to seller

As a first time seller, SEA helped me through the entire process and explained every detail and question I had. SEA continued to support me to ensure I was taken care of and had all my transaction statements tied out and answered to ensure everything was done properly. They saved me a lot of time and money by continuing to support me the entire way.

Sam Saxton, SS Industries

SEA’s professionalism, expertise and guidance are extraordinary. The team’s ability to read the market and expertly lead our process through a pandemic allowed us to achieve the best outcome. SEA identified a great partner in TCEG, enabling Vitiello to continue its growth and expand its service offerings to clients.

Jill Vitiello – Founder and CEO, Vitiello Communication Group

SEA was a trusted advisor in helping me sell my business, which was founded by my father, Ray, in 1968 and where I have led for over 40 years.

Dan Kendra
Precision Solutions

This is the beginning of the next chapter of your success story. Speak with an advisor today!

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