Buy Side M&A

SEA Buy-Side Overview

SEA provides buy-side services for entrepreneurial owners interested in growing beyond historical organic growth. Growth through acquisition can expedite the entrepreneurial story by expanding products or service offerings, geography or market reach, or provide a technology or process breakthrough.

Statistics show that almost 85% of acquisitions fail to achieve the desired outcome of the acquisition. One reason is that investment bankers consistently focus on a mathematical formula that 1 plus 1 always equals 3 and don’t address culture, values and team. Investment bankers can be more interested in ‘getting the deal done’ instead of ‘does the deal fit and make sense?’ SEA approaches transactions with the perspective of long term success, not just the immediate agreement at hand.

At SEA we understand what’s important in an acquisition candidate. Together we determine if a prospective company has built a strong legacy, a great culture and has a management team that operates without oversight. SEA has a proprietary buy-side process to identify these critical factors in acquisition candidates, before performing an in-depth financial analysis. By developing this relationship-based approach, we ensure that only qualified prospects are the focus.

A business acquisition can seem to be a daunting process, but we anticipate challenges in advance and help you navigate through them. Our goal is straightforward and direct – maximize value and protect your legacy and transition your business.

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