SEA Welcomes Alison LaPat and
Nikhil Makker to the Summer Analyst
Class of 2024

Strategic Exit Advisors (SEA) is proud to welcome Alison LaPat and Nikhil Makker to our Summer Analyst Class of 2024. Our Summer Analyst program serves as a launchpad for talented and driven individuals looking to propel their careers forward through expert guidance, mentorship, and hands-on experience with the SEA team.

Alison LaPat, an incoming senior at Wake Forest University, is pursuing majors in Economics and English. She is actively involved in various campus organizations, including the Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity, CKI service organization, and intramural sports. Prior to joining SEA, Alison gained valuable experience working as a Financial Research and Reporting Associate at Complyt Technologies in Tel Aviv, Israel, where she contributed to streamlining the sales tax automation process. Additionally, she worked remotely as an Investment Analyst for Bastille Ventures, leveraging her passion for writing in the venture capital landscape. In her free time, Alison enjoys running, reading, and exploring new musical instruments.

Nikhil Makker, a finance and quantitative science double major at Emory University, is actively involved in campus organizations such as the Goizueta Investment Banking Club, which sparked his interest in pursuing a career in investment banking. As a student-athlete, Nikhil is a member of the Varsity Cross Country and Track and Field teams at Emory. Before joining SEA, Nikhil gained a strong foundation in various financial concepts through coursework and previous internships. He explored the transportation and logistics industry while working with the finance team at a transportation brokerage firm and gained buy-side exposure at an investment firm, where he learned to value companies both quantitatively and qualitatively. In his free time, Nikhil enjoys running, trying new restaurants, watching hockey, and spending time with friends and family.

At SEA, we understand that meaningful work extends beyond traditional boardrooms and balance sheets. We are committed to nurturing future business leaders by creating a supportive learning environment that prepares them for success. Our Summer Analyst Program and Co-op Experience Partnership with Drexel University exemplify our dedication to fostering the growth and development of tomorrow’s leaders.

Please join us in welcoming Alison LaPat and Nikhil Makker to the Strategic Exit Advisors team. We look forward to the fresh perspectives and enthusiasm they will bring to our organization this summer.

Strategic Exit Advisors