Sell Side M&A

SEA Sell-Side Overview 

SEA provides sell-side investment banking services to entrepreneurial companies with EBITDA ranging from $2 to $10 million (Enterprise Value from $10 to $75 million). Our focus is on working with entrepreneurs – we are industry agnostic and have a wide variety of specific sector experience.  We have tailored our process to help entrepreneurs to maximize value while focusing on important items like culture, values and legacy.

We work as a team with our clients and start off every engagement by mapping out timing and responsibilities and getting aligned on expectations. We oversee the process and collaborate with owners on key areas to increase value and stay on a timeline. We build out a prospective buyer list by seeing how your products/services, technology/process and markets intersect with the needs of prospective buyers that your company could solve. We don’t limit our focus to obvious industry specific competitors. Our best clients are demanding, and our process yields the best results when there is mutual accountability.

At SEA, we understand the emotional aspects involved in transitioning your business, so we built a process that gives you additional control. Before all your confidential information is shared, we schedule a 30-minute call with prospective buyers so that you can share the history of your business and hear why they would be a good fit for you. We like that it puts the prospective buyers into sell-mode.

We help you navigate the process to achieve your ultimate exit by anticipating challenges in advance and helping you work through them. Our goal is straightforward and direct – maximize value, protect your legacy and transition your business.

Strategic Exit Advisors