SEA’s “Pay It Forward” Program Supports The Delaware Children’s Museum in Wilmington, DE with a Generous Gift

March 22, 2023 After the successful sale of Environmental Alliance to Montrose Environmental last month, Strategic Exit Advisors made a charitable contribution to The Delaware Children’s Museum as a part of its “Pay It Forward” program.

SEA’s Pay it Forward program is designed to give back to community endeavors that are important to our clients. It continues to be overwhelmingly received by our entrepreneur clients who generously donate their own time and money to both global and community charities. By Paying it Forward we hope to play a small part in making the world a better place.

Bill Smith, Environmental Alliance’s owner and President, directed an $8,000 donation to the Delaware Children’s Museum (DCM), where Jen Bush and her team use the power of playful learning to develop creative minds for kids like Christian, our friend in the cover picture.


SEA staff taking picture and presenting check to Delaware Children's Museum.

Reflecting on being able to take part in SEA’s Pay It Forward initiative and support the DCM, Bill Smith remarked, “I am proud to be a founding member of the Delaware Children’s Museum.  The DCM is a tremendous place for youngsters to stretch their imaginations.  And, the organization’s management and staff are growing the museum with great innovation, heartfulness and integrity.”


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Delaware Children’s Museum

The Delaware Children’s Museum (DCM) provides children and their families from diverse backgrounds with a comfortable, accessible, fun and stimulating environment where they enjoy spending time together; develops innovative ways to help children learn through play and to complement the learning that takes place at home and at school and presents content across multiple disciplines in a way that invites exploration, encourages learning and creates connections between visitors and the world.

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