Strategic Exit Advisors’ Managing Director Tony Parisi Receives Skip Lange Award

Tony Parisi receives Slip Lange award.March 9, 2023 Strategic Exit Advisors is pleased to announce that Managing Director Tony Parisi was honored by his Vistage Trusted Advisors 1298 colleagues as their annual Skip Lange Award recipient. Jim Lucas, Vistage Master Chair, presented the award to Tony at their recent meeting.

The Skip Lange Award is given to the member who has provided “exceptional personal and professional contribution to the group and to individual members.”

With over 25 years of experience, SEA Managing Director Tony Parisi has worked within companies and with clients to raise capital, grow revenues, optimize operations and close deals. In reflecting on this recent accomplishment Mr. Parisi remarked,  “I am grateful to be a member of our group of excellent professional advisors who are also fantastic people. The praise of the praiseworthy is the highest reward.”

Strategic Exit Advisors (SEA) is an investment bank that understands the emotional journey entrepreneurs face, focusing our work with business owners and founders to find the right buyer to align synergistically with teams, cultures, and values. SEA helps entrepreneurs transition their businesses, maximize value and protect their legacy.

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