Strategic Buyers backed by Private Equity Helps our Clients


In recent years, Private Equity has been on fire, surpassing $500 billion in deal value, with 2021 hitting-never-before seen records. Furthermore, the market size of the Investment Banking & Securities Dealing industry is expected to increase 17.6% in 2022. While global M&A is down – relative to the record setting surge – the overall outlook is robust with plenty of capital to be put to work and opportunities abound for smart entrepreneurs. 


Private Equity & Investment Banking 


With greater access to higher quality data, buyers are increasingly more sophisticated and possibly, more demanding than ever when it comes time to mergers and acquisitions. 

Where does that put you as an investor or entrepreneur?

For entrepreneurs ready to optimize the value of their life’s work, Strategic Exit Advisors (SEA) provides investment banking services for companies with EBITDA ranging from $1 million to $10 million. 

When Strategic Exit Advisors works with Private Equity, we work on the sell-side, on behalf of our clients, to drive interest with investors and maximize their exit. And while every entrepreneur’s journey is unique to their industry and circumstances, opportunities await business owners and founders ready to achieve their ultimate exit. 

Private Equity firms seeking investment opportunities view SEA as a pipeline to opportunity, as entrepreneurs ready to exit their businesses work with SEA to bring their businesses to market. 

If and when a company wants to work through an M&A deal, investment banks often encounter private equity groups looking to expand their portfolios. SEA represents our clients on the sell side, guiding them through every aspect of the deal.  


Before The Deal


SEA’s Readiness Roadmap is focused on identifying and improving value gaps that restrict maximum value. At SEA, our team develops an actionable plan to help owners prioritize areas of weakness and recapture lost value, with the top 5 value areas being:

Our proven, streamlined process maximizes time and money by identifying and mitigating risks on a case by case basis before a company moves forward – carefully and confidentially working to improve the posture of businesses before bringing it to market. This  provides general partners the opportunity to improve management, operational efficiencies, or otherwise close the valuation gaps to increase profitability and yield higher deal multiples. 


M&A is a Team Sport


In addition to increased synergies through expert industry knowledge and networks, when it comes time to put a deal together,  investment bankers have superlative accounting capabilities, communication skills, and the capacity to work diligently to ensure deal success and cross the finish line together. Collaboration in every aspect of the deal produces exceptional outcomes during M&A. 

SEA is motivated to work diligently on the sell side of our clients, while collaborating with private equity on the buyside to build the best deal possible. 

At Strategic Exit Advisors, we look forward to continuing to be your trusted partner. Call us anytime (215) 489-8881 or schedule a conversation here.

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