Celebrating 17 Years of SEA: Excellence, Impact & Growth

Founded on January 2, 2007, Strategic Exit Advisors set off on a mission with a distinct vision: to assist entrepreneurs in maximizing value and safeguarding their legacy during the intricate process of transitioning ownership.

After 17 years of helping entrepreneurs navigate some of the most important decisions of their lives, we’re taking a moment to look back to celebrate nearly two decades of growth and success.

Helping Entrepreneurs Navigate the Most Important Decisions of Their Lives

Having weathered the storms of the 2007-2008 financial crisis and the challenges brought by the global pandemic, SEA stands resilient. Our enduring agility, coupled with a deep bench of seasoned advisors, has consistently guided entrepreneurs through shifting market dynamics, enabling them to achieve both financial and professional success.

Celebrating 17 Years of SEA: Excellence, Impact & Growth<br />

Our Story Continues to Evolve

We view each year as a stepping stone to success, with life-changing deals and transformative partnerships that unlock value for our clients. In the past decade, we’ve been able to improve our internal processes – developing an entrepreneur-centric selling process, the Acquisition Alert and The Readiness Roadmap – and even codify our philanthropic efforts with our Pay It Forward Program.  

What’s the Secret to Our Success?

SEA’s journey has always focused on quality of character. We know integrity and transparency matter. Our work is a tribute to resilience, clarity of vision and an unwavering commitment to meet entrepreneurs where they are and honor the emotional impact of what it means to build a successful business. 

We understand what it takes to build a thriving and valuable culture. We have made it our priority to engage with thought leaders who understand the incredible value of culture as the operational lifeblood of a valuable organization. 

This past fall, we had the distinct pleasure to welcome award-winning CEO, entrepreneur, author, and renowned public speaker, David J. Friedman to our exclusive event at Overbrook Golf Club. 

As we continue to grow and evolve as one of the premier M&A and capital advisory firms in the lower middle market, SEA remains committed to prioritizing education and engagement to better empower entrepreneurs to make smarter decisions with strategic insights for their businesses. 

SEA’s Commitment to Give Back

Rooted in our core values is a dedicated commitment to philanthropy. We take pride in our Pay It Forward program, which has empowered us to make impactful charitable contributions. In this year alone, we’ve been able to contribute to:

  • Cecil County Library 
  • Dunamis Foundation 
  • Delaware Children’s Museum
  • For You Haiti
  • The Pickles Group
SEA’s Commitment to Give Back

Team Growth: The Heartbeat of SEA

Behind every success story lies a team of dedicated individuals. The SEA team’s shared commitment and passion to help entrepreneurs drives us forward. 

We are proud to share that Managing Director Tony Parisi was honored by his Vistage Trusted Advisors 1298 colleagues as their annual Skip Lange Award recipient. 

We have also witnessed firsthand the value of dedication with our own Peter Hissey, who first joined SEA five years ago as a Summer Analyst. After gaining three years of experience with Bank of America as an Investment Banking Analyst, Peter returned to SEA as an Associate. This fall, Peter Hissey was promoted to Vice President

We were additionally privileged to see the additions of Amy Rine and Jamie Lavarnway to our team. Their expertise and dedication have further strengthened our capabilities, contributing to the continued success and growth of the SEA team. 

Looking Ahead: A Future Fueled by Experience and Innovation

For entrepreneurs, core values encompass the fundamental beliefs, principles, and ideals that guide the behavior and actions of individuals within an organization. 

When these principles are consistently practiced and reinforced, they form the foundation of the organization’s culture. Core values serve as a compass for decision-making, influencing how employees interact with each other, customers, and stakeholders. 

To our valued clients, partners, and the entire SEA family, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for being an integral part of our journey. 

As we mark 17 years, we express gratitude to our clients, partners, and the entire SEA family. Here’s to the past, present, and the exciting future ahead with Strategic Exit Advisors!

Whether you’re on the buy side, sell side or seeking capital advisory support to achieve your financial priorities, our senior advisory team is ready to help entrepreneurs navigate challenges, optimize strategies, and contribute to a seamless and successful exit. Reach out to us anytime at (215) 489-8881 or schedule a conversation here.

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